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About Travis

“Life is made to be joyful and fun. Exercising is a tool we can use to bring us joy and inner peace. Whether you want to lose weight, look better, perform better, or rehab from an injury, helping YOU to push yourself beyond what you thought was possible is my mission.”

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  • Southern California Natural Bodybuilding
  • USA Bobsled Team
  • 2-man Lake Placid American Cup
  • Full rack of high quality dumbells, large access door letting in the light and breeze from the coast, top of the line cardio equipment, punching bag, full kettlebell rack, cable machines.

  • Room to flip tires, swing hammers, use battling ropes, work on quickness and agility or to do plyometric work, chance to get some vit. d from the sunshine.

  • Olympic lifting bar and weights, full access door to the outside.

What our community thinks

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    Travis helped me get to The Boston marathon 2013

    “I've been training with Travis for 2 years. He is the most efficient and effective when it comes to fitness, training, and goal setting.”

    Jennifer Soulé

  • review review

    Travis has been able to help me over come my injury

    “I was able to play football at a high level and recently received 1st team all league quarterback honors.”

    Hunter Gotto

  • review review

    After having a baby I needed to get back in shape

    “With Travis's help I was able to gett my body back and look the way I thought couldn't happen after having a baby.”


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    Travis's workouts are always fun, yet challenging at the same time!

    “I am always pushed to get better with every session. I've been training for two years and continue to see improvements.”


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