• Weight Loss
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • Pain Relief
  • Strength Training
Weight Loss

With a constant on the go lifestyle these days losing body fat may have you frustrated. Losing unwanted body fat can be the most invigorating and freeing thing you do for yourself. Excess body fat can feel just like negative energy you carry around 24/7. Losing that fat, in a healthy fashion, is a complex process that I can make easy for you.
Using a customized exercise and nutrition plan, you are sure to drop the excess body fat and look the way you always dreamed of.

Nutritional Guidance

Ever feel overwhelmed with the plethora of advice that is now available on what you should and shouldn't eat? When we focus on getting nutrition vs. calories. I want to assist you in your nutritional endeavor by helping you understand how carbohydrates, proteins, and fats all play a major role in how you look and feel.
We will get you on the right track for the body you want with a customized food plan just for you.

Pain Relief

Back Pain? Neck Pain? Joint Pain? Pain in the a@#? Rossiter soft tissue release is a ahead of the curve in a way to quickly and effectively reduce the pain you are in. In addition to pain relief, Rossiter can help you regain range of motion from a repetitive motion you go through, and yes sitting down is a repetitive motion.
This is a hands on approach that will leave you feeling free and light. You have to experience it to believe it.
A new method to most, below is a link that explains more.


Strength Training

As we age we lose muscle tone and our metabolism goes down. Luckily this is all reversible with strength training. Gaining strength and muscle go hand in hand with increasing our metabolism.
With a customized training program, whether you are looking to lose weight, or perform your best at a sport, beginners, advanced, experts and professionals can achieve what the want with our multiple sided approach.